Located in Paris, France since early 2017,  our international agency is streaming for good mental health and improving quality of life around the world.

Although the World Health Organization has given recognition to Mental Health by defining its basics, we found that this was not enough, actually quite far from it.  Mental Health still didn’t have a voice for itself, and with the infernal rise of mental health problems in children and in adults everywhere around the globe, we thought it was time to act.  It was time to change how we approach Mental Health, because what was done, although thousands of mental health organisations and professionals gave everything to this cause, something went wrong.

The IMHSB was created because inevitably, if we don’t change the approach, we will all end facing a wall impossible to climb again. It is not only the absence of illnesses, neither about diagnosis and treatment, but about understanding Mental Health in a well-structured and positive perspective. The IMHSB has defined specific guidelines and a universal framework applicable in all contexts and environments. Its MH Standards.

But we don’t want to satisfy ourselves in what we did and continue to develop.  We want also to take strong positions against or for whatever contributes to the decline of quality of life because of the absence of true Mental Health policies and bring to light, the necessary awareness to seed change.

Our logo is about sowing seeds of hope.  The dandelions wrapped around a wreath of laurel is highly significant as it is part of our mission.  But it also means we may voice injustice of treatment, even create controversy if needs to be, but we are guided by our determination in protecting the dignity of each Human Being through Mental Health and defend Mental Health as the most fundamental component of Human Beings.


Our commitment

To give an international voice to Mental Health, by vulgarization and servicing the cause of good Mental Health around the world through:


1. The development of tools and resources for prevention and reduction of destructive behaviours;


2. The commitment in scientific research;


3. The defense and the protection of human dignity;


4. The support to organizations, institutions or any entity embracing our Mental Health Standards;


5. Advocacy and by the different opinions and positions adopted and expressed by the IMHSB.



Because diversity is strength and enrichment, we encourage and support all cultures and all people to get involved with the IMHSB and contribute to better living conditions and quality of life all around the world.


Respect is a fundamental value among the organization.  Respect of individuals, ideas and differences wonderful potential for creativity, initiatives and the development of human potential.


Transparency is a fundamental for trust and confidence, it transcends through our actions and every collaboration and partnership we build and maintain.


Acting with integrity means for us to stand for what we recommend, what we do, and most of all, to be exemplary in every aspect of our activities and partnerships.